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Together for more impact

Our clients are Charities, Foundations, NGOs, and firms developing their Corporate Social Responsibility Program who have the ambition to excel in their fundraising activities. They hire us for a variety of reasons, but with one common goal: To be more efficient and to increase the impact they can make in the world. We see it as our mission and our responsibility to help them be more effective.  We are passionate about helping others do good on a larger scale.

Our unique business model sets on in-house skills and expertise that are usually not present in a single firm. Charicomm combines the strengths of a business consulting firm, an advertising agency, and a media production company. Moreover, Charicomm offers a profound knowledge about storytelling: Without stories, the work of NGOs and Charities would be invisible to the outside world. The essence of what our brand represents is unique: Charicomm is driven by the authentic wish to be at the service of others for a greater good.

Our Unique Approach

Impact Consulting

Unlike corporate consulting firms, we believe in a “consulting + coaching” approach. When decisions are made, they should come from within the organization, promoting understanding and acceptance at every level.

Holistic Fundraising

Fundraising and Marketing are all about clearly communicating the story of your values, your goals, and the impact you are making in the world. We support organizations in finding solutions and tools to create the greatest impact.

Authentic Storytelling

Without stories, the work of nonprofit organizations and humanitarians would be unknown and remain invisible. Stories create a bridge between your donors and your cause.

What clients say about us

Darwin Animal Doctors

Charicomm’s expertise has made Google Ad Grants a breeze. We tried managing our own Google Grants initially, but it was too complicated, time-consuming and we didn’t get the results we wanted. Thanks to Charicomm, we’re getting more donations and website traffic, and we can easily track our progress with their clear reports.  Charicomm has greatly amplified our mission online.

Andrea Gordon, Co-Founder, Darwin Animal Doctors


It is a pleasure working with Stefano, Helge, and their team. In the one short month, since they began helping us, we’ve already seen a surge in clicks resulting in increased usage of our service. We directly attribute this growth to the important work of Charicomm.

Paul Goldstein, Executive Director, Foundation to Advance Jazz

Strahlemann Stiftung

Shortly after the cooperation with Stefano and his team started, we could see the first results. The performance of our website has improved constantly and we could already see some conversions – and this, considering a highly competitive environment. I’m grateful for the great support and the consultations of Stefano and Helge. We feel we are in good hands and the cooperation is very pleasant.

Celina Fischer, Strahlemann Stiftung

Our Clients

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