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Client: Theatrical Documentary

Date: March 22, 2017


Stefano Levi's theatrical documentary "Out of the Darkness" was Stefano's debut feature documentary. The film was produced before the creation of Charicomm, and represented an important step for Stefano's work in the NGO industry. The film won over 15 international festival awards and has served as a tool to create awareness about the problem of avoidable blindness worldwide, supporting the cause of charities such as the Himalayan Cataract Project, The Fred Hollows Foundation and the Christian Blind Mission.
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Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness premiered at several international film festivals worldwide. „Out of the Darkness“ follows Dr. Sanduk Ruit from Nepal and his American colleague Dr. Geoff Tabin to Nepal’s remote Northeast. They have developed a portable low-cost surgical procedure to restore sight in remote, rural areas efficiently. Each operation costs 25 USD and lasts five minutes, with a quality that equals western standards where these operation costs between 1000 and 5000 USD.

For the rural poor it is a rescue from their desperate situation: neither they could travel the long way to Kathmandu nor afford the costs for the surgical intervention in the hospital. More than half of the world’s preventable blindness is caused by cataract disease as a consequence of malnutrition and low standard of living. Most of it occurs in developing countries. The clouding of the clear lens of the eye is a widespread disease, but fortunately, it is also easy to cure.

Congenital cataract affects many young children who, if not cured, will not be able to live a normal life and are destined to being a burden for their families. „Out of the Darkness“ shows that this simple and inexpensive surgical procedure not only is life-changing for those affected by cataract, it also influences the economic structure of the communities which are based on the economy and the well-being of the family. An independent film, inspired by positive change.

English / Nepali  / DE / 81min
Director: Stefano Levi
Producers: Werner Kubny, Per Schnell, Stefano Levi

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