It's all about communicating your vision

We support social enterprises and non-profit organizations by identifying appropriate, state of the art fundraising, marketing, and communication tools and implementing them. We always have their best interests at heart. We aim to create the greatest impact, being mindful of the organization’s size, resources, and goals. We believe that each company is unique and needs individualized solutions.


A brand is about communicating the essence of what sets an organization apart from all the others. Every brand tells a unique story and reflects the organization’s core values.


In the world of NGOs, marketing and fundraising go hand in hand. Our approach seamlessly integrates both.

Marketing Campaigns

We develop and execute holistic offline and online marketing campaigns. We provide every organization with a tailor-made marketing plan, in which every touch point supports the overall vision.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and affiliations with influencers and industry leaders are a crucial part of expanding an organization’s reach. We seek and promote partnerships with wealthy individuals, foundations and communities to broaden fundraising opportunities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help to identify matching charities to create strategic partnerships in the corporate world. We are a trustworthy partner for companies that decide to outsource their CSR activities.

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