Helping each other is part of being human.
Those who think their actions are too small to make a difference have forgotten their true power.


Charicomm is an Impact and Fundraising Agency that helps Nonprofits and Social Businesses to achieve a greater impact in the world by operating in a unique way: We combine the strengths of a business consulting firm, an advertising agency, and a media production company and have a profound knowledge about storytelling. Everyone at Charicomm has an authentic interest in making a difference in the world operating with full transparency and integrity. 

Every month we send relevant information to people who want to change the world. Join us and be part of it.

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Charicomm's Values


Charicomm is founded on the basic principles that make us human: passion, decisiveness, creativity, honesty, sincerity, compassion, freedom and transparency.




When it comes to our standard, we won’t settle for anything less than outstanding.



Every action we take, every decision we make and every recommendation we give
is always in the best interests of our clients.



We surround ourselves with positive energy by working with like-minded,
honest and authentic people.



We stay true to our values and beliefs. We act with honesty, transparency, and authenticity.


Collective Effort

Impact is never achieved in isolation. We believe that positive influence is achieved through collective effort.



Each one of our team members applies his or her expertise to serving our clients with the purpose of serving a greater cause.



When a company’s mindset does not allow for making choices with authenticity,
we prefer to let go and move on.


Charicomms Werte


Stefano Levi Charicomm

Stefano Levi

Hamburg, Germany

Stefano Levi
Founder, Managing Director
Benjamin Schmid Charicomm

Benjamin Schmid

Hamburg, Germany

Benjamin Schmid
Director of Marketing & Strategy

Stefano’s passion for telling stories of impact has taken him around the world to 60+ countries. He is a professional Photographer, Filmmaker and Certified Master Coach. He speaks four languages and has lived and worked in Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany. Previously, he obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering and worked as a scientist, technology scout, and business development manager in the corporate world, before starting his own business in 2009. As a filmmaker, Stefano is known for the theatrical documentary, “Out of the Darkness”, that won over 14 international awards and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting the meaningful work of several NGOs. Stefano’s diverse set of skills and experience in different areas allows him to effectively help clients develop their vision. His ability to deeply understand people, brands and businesses and his pro-active and team-oriented leading style are very appreciated by his clients.

For 6+ years, Benjamin was a high-performing manager at Procter & Gamble, where he was responsible for global operations in the Beauty segment. Furthermore, he successfully launched a new brand in the German, Austrian and Swiss retail market reaching a two-digit million Euro revenue within the first year. He has successfully led disruptive innovation projects, using unconventional, yet proven ways. Not only do his clients benefit from his sharp mind, strategic thinking, marketing, leadership and consulting skills, but also from his experience as a former semi-professional tennis player, former team manager, mental coach and author. Benjamin has a vast understanding of the Global, US, German and Swiss markets from his previous jobs in the corporate world as well as a up-and-coming Swiss luxury start-up. 

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