Roadmap to Impact

We approach clients with the intention of initiating change and improvement from within. Unlike corporate consulting firms, we believe in a “consulting plus coaching” approach. When decisions are made, they should not be imposed upon by an “outside formula”. Rather, they should come from within the organization, promoting understanding and acceptance at every level.  Our work is complete only after our clients have sustainably achieved their desired strategic transformation.

Common Vision

Without knowing your destination, every action in your journey lacks focus. If each member of  your organization shares the same aligned vision and goals, more impactful results will be the natural outcome.

Clarity Coaching

We guide upper management in creating clarity about the organization’s mission and values.  In this process we consider the perspective of all members of staff, across the organization.

Organizational Structure

Does the current organizational structure help or hinder its progress? We help to implement measures which ensure the most effective and authentic impact.


We develop and implement sustainable impact strategies, set clear and measurable goals, and we help the organization to attain them.


By challenging the status quo, we help organizations to implement meaningful innovation, setting them up for success in the short and the long term.

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