The Human Brain Loves Stories

The work of NGOs can best be seen and understood through authentic storytelling. Storytelling, in all its complexity, is the basis for all fundraising and marketing activities: A powerful tool to connect donors and charities.

Films for Impact

We have extensive experience in film production and in-house expertise in long and short format for TV, cinema and web. Using a documentary approach, we believe in the power of the moving image to touch the human soul. We know the  difference between non-fiction and advertising.

Documentary Photography

A single image cannot change the world but it can create the awareness to make transformation possible. We are experienced and expert documentarists and cooperate with professionals in the field worldwide.

Journalism & Copywriting

The power of the written word has been recognized since time immemorial. We use high quality journalistic standards when describing real life situations and make a clear distinction between journalism and advertisement.

Multimedia Storytelling

Using cutting edge multimedia formats that allow for the blending of sound, graphics, video, stills and the written word, we create compelling presentations, greater than the sum of their parts. This is the future of modern storytelling.

Infographics & Animations

We make it easy to digest complex data. Numbers, statistics, and maps, presented in the form of infographics, are an engaging way to show the bigger picture. With animation, we tell complex stories in a simple and compelling way.

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