Branding and Brand Development for brands that move the world

There are many sustainable businesses and nonprofit organizations that champion good causes, collect donations, look for new members or invite to events. That’s why developing and affirming your own brand is so important. As a sustainable business, to stand a chance you need to stand out, have a clear focus, and communicate your mission clearly.

In the fields of Branding and Brand Development, in particular, sustainable businesses and nonprofit organizations have an enormous potential for measurable success thanks to a clear vision and the presentation of their own values to the public.

You have an amazing story – we help you bring it to life

At Charicomm we believe in the holistic approach and thanks to our years of experience can accommodate the needs of our clients from the nonprofit as well as the commercial sectors. Based on the mission and vision of your company or organization, we develop holistic Branding for all of your communication channels. This Brand Strategy allows you to make your company stand out from the others, improves the consideration, and brings your story to the people you want to reach in a compelling way.

Why with Charicomm?

At Charicomm we want to make the world a better place, day by day. As a Holistic Marketing and Communication Agency, we support sustainable businesses, nonprofit organizations, and start-ups in a unique way. We help them develop their business strategy and vision and prepare an effective marketing concept through training or strong photo and video productions. Branding and Brand Strategy are also among our core competencies.

Why should sustainable businesses develop a Brand Strategy?

Strictly speaking, the development of a Brand Strategy for an NGO is no different from the one of a commercial business. In the nonprofits as well as in the commercial sectors, the target audiences are overwhelmed with offers and options. To stick out from the crowd is vital to differentiate your own brand, clearly communicate your values and goals, as well as be as transparent as possible.

How does Charicomm help develop your Brand Strategy?

In order to develop a clear strategy for your business, we need to take into account the goals of the organization, and its mission and values. Who are we and where are we going? What makes our story unique? Whom do we want to reach and how do we address these audiences? These are only a few of the questions that each company should ask itself when developing a Brand Strategy.

What are the benefits of a strong Branding?

A strong Branding doesn’t only differentiate the own brand from the competition, but it also makes it even easier for potential clients, donors, and supporters to choose your company. Transparency, clear communication of your own goals and values bring clear added value to the company.

Would you like to develop your Brand Strategy on your own?

The development of the brand and the branding of your own organization are an ongoing process, for which we can help you build the foundation. As soon as we set up the framework, it’s possible to apply for future projects and campaigns but also to continue developing it based on the mission, vision, and values.


We offer a discounted rate exclusively for non-profit organizations. We offer our clients individual and tailored solutions based on their individual needs. We think and act in the best interests of our clients. We are able to work holistically, from individual training up to the implementation of the Branding and Brand Development.

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